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Privacy in America is a myth. Domestic Spying.

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Pedrules in News | Opinion

OK, this is the second time that I have an article to post and when I am about to upload it to WP, poof my computer freezes and I lose several hours of writing to a reboot.

So, this is going to be the short version: Edward Snowden is not a traitor. We are now talking about this only because the Obama administration has been caught red-handed using the power of the government to harass the opposition with the IRS, spy on other Americans at the Associated Press and sacrifice Americans for shady international deals with the appeasement policy of the enemy in Benghazi.

Milton Levine's Ant Farm

Milton Levine’s Ant Farm

And we have been here before, many times ( Before as in like 2006…

This 1984-like government spying was approved by congress and became law when the first version of the CALEA law was approved in 1994. Of course, manufacturers of inter-network equipment took a few years to start producing equipment with the capabilities that the law required, but sure enough, circa 2000 manufacturers started shipping equipment that had the capability to covertly copy all network data to a hidden port that would connect to law enforcement equipment for snooping. No warrant needed, because, the snooping could be triggered remotely and without the ISP knowledge or intervention.

For technical facts about this, read through Cisco’s publicly viewable explanation on Lawful Intercept here ( This last link was from 2007. What it boils down is this:

• You attract the attention of FBI/NSA/CIA or the CCIC (Current Clown-in-Charge).
• They locate you based on bank account, utilities, etc
• They send a network ‘trap’ to your region’s ISP to start covertly copying data from your connection to their servers.
• They then dedicate a resource in their facilities to sift thru the data and log your every action and comments.
• The resource builds an electronic file on your doings and reports back to the Powers that Be.

This is how this system works. Call it electronic surveillance, NSA domestic spying, or just plain domestic spying because the FBI/CIA and the IRS is in the game too. Its been in place for more than 10 years, and with your silence voted for it. Truth is, the guy that is sifting thru the data does not know who the hell are you, but the PTB do and that is what matters. The Truth, is no longer out there. It is in your Freakin’ Face!

We are now rivaled only by the UK in the scope and intrusion of their spying systems on the population. Think that the pressure on Google to remove the Facial Recognition software from Glass is due to privacy? Think again. Its because the Government is the only one with that tech deployed that takes feeds from every public street camera with a remotely accessible network connection and process it with the tech to track suspects and what not. And it would be a huge disadvantage to have the public spy back to you, wouldn’t it? Smoke and glass, er, mirrors, my friend.

And if you are an old timer and think “well, this is a huge amount of data, no one is going to be able to sift thru it, much less listen to every phone call I make to transcribe it…” think again Gramps.
They have their own Google-like super computers that do this work for them. Easy as searching for “John doe hateful speech” and click search. And the Verizon, ATT (especially), TMobile, Sprint etc. phone data ? Ever signed up for Google voice/talk and forwarded your phone to their number? You know you get your voice mails transcribed, right? Look, its in your inbox, both the audio and the text version. See, its easy now. I am all for spying on our enemies, you got to do what you got to do. But I have serious issues with the Government’s penchant to do these things to the American citizen under the cloak of secrecy and hiding from the light.

They cannot BS me with the excuse of “losing tactical advantage” because this is something that is widely known to our enemies since inception, and it is old news in hacker circles. Why hide it from the tax payer? Because you know deep down that the machine is run mostly by idiots that will use it to either gain political advantage for the sake of prolonging their seats in power or to harass and squelch dissidence in the most vocal groups.

Proof that this whole apparatus is run by idiots and spineless bureaucrats? It did diddly squat to prevent the Boston bombings. Despite plenty of warning signs, Russia telling us “eti parni problemy (эти парни проблемы)”, and generally odd behavior, they still bombed up the place. Meanwhile the All Seeing Eye was busy profiling Tea Partiers and spinning the news cycle to make the news fit the official version of events.

I been saying to anyone who listens since at least 2003 that this is out there collecting data, and that no one is asking why and under what authority is was being done. Oh, wait, the Patriot Act must be the vehicle to allow this to legally happen here. Because the pursuit of Liberty, Privacy and Freedom is not the patriotic thing to do now, Patriots new definition is “comply and abide” to the CCIC.
But this is going to be non consequential now, like every other crisis that affects our rights, the constitution and the America I love, this will turn into a Drama, a newscaster blurb paradise, we will now focus the full attention of the millions of lazy thinkers out there to the messenger. Who is Edward Snowden? what was his upbringing? How is his romantic life? What about that book deal? Where will he go now that he is persona-non-grata in the US? Did he like video games? Is he an Android guy or a iOS 7 guy? Can I unfriend him on Facebook? what’s his latest Tweet? Will he take Paris Jackson with him? What is different about him so I can feel comfort that the rest of us are not like him?

Lets forget about the message now, do not think why you can be spied on without express authorization, think of Kim and her new Baby, Think about nothing, do nothing, comply, serve. “These are not the droids you are looking for”.

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